As fellow music makers and lovers, we know the relationship between VIDEO and AUDIO intimately. 

But music and video don't always equal a music video-- it can be much more.

Live Projections

We will design projections to emphasize and deepen the feelings that your music already invokes for your next show. At your disposal: Infrared cameras, HD projector, audio-reactive software, lights, color organ, and more.

Filming a rehearsal

Already rehearsing some new material at your rehearsal space? We will record your band at your space to use as a live performance video or edit it into a music video. Using lights, projections, and lens tricks, we can make any space look interesting.

Content Package

Need a new band promo pic that stands out,  a 4 week GIF campaign, memes, fifteen second videos for instagram? We can create it out of content you already have, or from content we created for you.


Call or e-mail us to discuss your project and create the best visual content.